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Code of Conduct

St. Anne’s Parish Code of Conduct

It is the intention of the Parish and its’ volunteers to ensure that:

  • Children and young people will be treated with courtesy, respect and dignity.
  • Young people will not be permitted to consume alcohol or smoke while participating in activities in keeping with civil law in Ireland
  • There will be an adequate ratio of leaders to young people at all times.
  • Leaders should not work alone with young people and will ensure proper supervision at all times.
  • Care will be taken to ensure that when working with mixed gender groups staff and adult volunteers of appropriate gender will work in pairs.
  • Leaders will not consume alcohol or smoke while having responsibility for or in the presence of young people who are in their care.
  • The use of drugs or illegal substances by leaders is strictly prohibited.
  • Inappropriate language or sexually suggestive comments will not be permitted by young people or leaders, and leaders will not engage in such comments with each other while in the company of any young person.
  • Under no circumstances should leaders give alcohol, tobacco or drugs to children or young people.
  • Physical contact between young people and leaders will be of appropriate nature at all times. Leaders will not engage in rough play or undertake any task of a personal nature with/for young people except in cases of medical necessity when the welfare of the child depends on it.
  • Leaders will always engage with young people in an open manner and care will be taken not to show favouritism. Leaders must also be sensitive to the possibility of spending a disproportionate amount of time with any particular individual.
  • There will be clearly designated leaders within each group with whom young people can speak about their experience and raise any concerns should they arise.
  • The Diocese will have a designated person assigned to whose immediate attention all concerns and/or complaints can be brought.
  • The designated person will respond promptly to all concerns and liaise with the required civil and Church authorities
  • All concerns and/or complaints will be followed through on in a timely and efficient manner
  • The diocese will have a specific code of conduct for all away trips including pilgrimages, day trips and incentive events. This code will be made known to the young people and leaders.
    • Leaders / Volunteers are not permitted to take photographs of any individual child or group of children in their care without written permission of the child’s parents.
    • Leaders / Volunteers are not permitted to upload photographs to any social media platform.
    • The Diocesan policy for the use of Information Technology (IT) and Digital Technology is available to view on